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Welcome to  Something for Everyone

We are glad that you came to visit, and hope that you enjoy your time with us.

At Something for Everyone, we combine geek and goth, tealights and talismans, the fae and the fanciful and add equal parts whimsy and utility. Mix thoroughly and toss in a bit of our personalities and you end up with a collection of curious curios, eccentric accessories and lyrical luxuries.

Joy has been busy crafting pendulum necklaces and pendants, wands and altar items.
She has added new crystals to the inventory and is constantly expanding the selection of incenses and oils.

You can search our hadcrafted items based on ingredients, uses, and category on the Search page.

We offer our wares for sale through our Etsy Shop, and Solarious' Metaphysical Marketplace.

You can contact us at 631-913-3973 or email s4e1@s4e1.com

These are just a few of the items that we have available on Etsy and Bonanza. Click an image to get to the shop, where you can see all of the variatons that we offer.
Pendulum Necklace Ruby in Zoisite Malachite Pendulum with Moon Cat Charm
Blended Herb Incense and Charcoal Set with 10 pack Swift-Lite Charcoal Incense Package with Charcoal Sand Dish for On the Go or Small Altar
Handcrafted Oil Collection Hand Crafted Anointing Oil

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